You have your own restaurant, pub, cafe, hotel, etc and are not sure how your guests really experience their visit at your venue? We have come across this very comprehensive Mystery Dining Template that is compiled by top-consultants and hosts in the Mystery Dining Industry, and is now accessible for you: Mystery Dining Report Template.

Mystery Diners (or Secret Diners, mystery shoppers, etc) are people that volunteer and offer their time to visit your restaurant and return a detailed Mystery Dining Report of your restaurant, hotel or pub experience, and who will be reimbursed for most of the cost of the experience in return. Often this experience is shared by a small group of for example 2 to 4 persons, so you get the chance to learn more from more than 1 person. They often debate their experience after the visit.

The Mystery Dining reports are paid for by yourself, as a hospitality operator, and you will see this feedback is invaluable in understanding the real experience in detail from a customer's perspective. Exactly what you need to incrementally improve your customer satisfaction. These Mystery Diner Reports are also suitable to assess your personnel’s performance and to improve your standards and rewards to well-performing staff.

On AllBusinessTemplates.com we provide a professional in-depth Mystery Dining Report Template. It is used by well-known brands. This Template can be of service when you want to grow your sales by gaining more insight in your brand reputation and customer experience. This report is suitable to measure the service performance of your restaurant, hotel, cafe or pub by letting an anonymous Mystery Diner perform an assessment on your venue.

This 10 pages Mystery Dining Template has about 80 easy to fill in in-depth questions, and covers the following sections:

  • Reservation Skills 
  • Lounge 
  • Service 
  • Food and Drinks 
  • Service Recovery 
  • Environment 
  • 10 Important Moments
  • etc 
After downloading, it’s easy for you to adapt this template, or to add extra sections to personalize the template to your restaurant, pub or hotel!   

Please download the Mystery Dining Report Template on AllBusinessTemplates.com now:
Mystery Dining Report Template. Suitable for every restaurant, pub, cafe owner!

Learn more how Mystery Dining actually works:

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