Warning! These tips and best practices are written for those who wants to succeed in finishing a half or full marathon and it might be a life changing event for you! Therefore, reading further is at your own risk :) Marathons are good for winners, and winners are good for business! So we decided to dig a little deeper in the world of the Marathon man, hope you like it!

Wait.. A full marathon distance is 42.195 kilometers (26.219 miles) and not impossible for starters???

This will be the general thought for those who are not often running or haven’t run as a sport… It will always feel unimaginable in the beginning, especially for those who are not the sporty kind, but actually, taking in consideration your current physical condition, age, weight, and so on, it is in most cases still feasible to – as long as you don’t have the serious injuries - walk a marathon for ‘everyone’! The timeframe that you are capable of walking a marathon, will surely depend on your current situation and physical condition. 

Physical start condition
It is, however, important starting condition, that you should be able to walk or run for at least 40 minutes (or 5-6 Kilometers).

  • If you can do this, you can start directly with the Half or Full Marathon schedules.
  • If not, I will provide a running schedule, which enables the average person to achieve within 11 weeks. After you complete this running schedule of 12 weeks, you are ready to start for the half or full marathon schedule for 12 or 25 weeks!
It is definitely doable to walk a marathon for most people. However, it’s important that you still seek the proper guidance and support in your environment and tools! From experience, we know that if you just try it fully alone, you are reducing your chances to make it within the time you are destined to do it…

A natural strategy would be: go running until you really cannot run any longer each time, and go slower when you run out of energy.However, this is not the best way to do it and it’s not that healthy either!

Use our half or full marathon templates, or modify them or make one of your own based on your personal research. If you are serious take action now and you can also walk a marathon, really! If you have friends, family or acquaintances who need to be motivated to achieve something extraordinary or they need to do something about health, better lifestyle, fitness or personal development, I would like to share this article or send these suggestions to them as well.

20 Best tips to finish a (half) marathon within half a year:

  1. Set the goal! Running a marathon is possible for those who have set the goal, follow good advice, and keep performing according to the schedule and do their best efforts not to get injured.
  2. Subscribe to a (half) marathon that is more than 6 months away from now in order to keep the goal clear and keep you disciplined!
  3. Lose weight by walking (exercising) more. By simply doing the extra exercises, you will lose weight for sure. It’s a package deal: marathon means losing weight! However the speed of mileage you are running, it will have an impact. It’s better to focus on two hours of running over 10 miles (15 kilometers), which will mean you will burn the calories much faster. Longer is better than faster in this case!
  4. Accept good things take time: Training takes time. If you follow our schedule it’s 25 weeks at least. Accept this will take your time in the coming weeks. It doesn’t necessary mean you have to give in. This can make you more productive as well during work or during your free time! You will feel healthier and more energetic, and you will have the extra energy to do it.
  5. Set the personal running schedule and stick to it!Make your personal running schedule if the one we provide is not satisfying or realistic in your situation. Otherwise, just follow our guidance and you will do fine! Download (some) marathon training plan templates!
  6. Never too….You are never too old or too heavy for walking and finishing a marathon! The moment you were able to find this article online, and don’t have serious injuries or handicap, you are fit to do it! If you really have doubts, you should go to visit the doctor to check your health and get his advice first.
  7. Involve your environment. Involving friends to join or making them aware you set this goal. This will be a bummer if you are not going to finish that Marathon! If people like to follow your same goal, make sure you do not depend on their performance. Keep your own schedule and when you run together, this is nice, but not a must. Make sure the other party understands.
  8. Qualified running shoes! Make sure you have good running shoes that fit, in order to reduce the chance of injuries. Don’t go for fashionable shoes, but aim for the best quality.
  9. Starting condition. Start training for the Marathon if you can run or walk for 40 minutes in a row. If not, make this your first goal. Keep the Marathon in mind, and firstly make sure you can reach this goal via the Marathon running schedule (for 40 minutes).
  10. Stay disciplined and don’t skip running sessions!Make sure that your running schedule becomes your routine. Make it become an obsession or addiction if that helps!Choose not to miss out on the running sessions. Do not easily miss out for any reason (with certain exceptions). Follow the mileage on each running session. Don’t overdo it, since it increases the risk of injuries. In case run out of options and you need to skip a session, make sure you don’t change the goal and keep the course.
  11. Make it measurable!Print out the schedule and fill in every time finish a session. Keep it measurable, such as days you are running, the distance you are running, etc. Even the pounds you have lost, especially if this is another goal you want to obtain! You will see this is highly motivating!
  12. Overcome those bad days of training. For sure you will have bad training days, and it can also happen a few weeks before the marathon will happen. If you fail to run or walk a 10 miles (15 kilometers) just weeks before the marathon, this is not a problem. This can happen to anyone. Do not worry, because you will succeed! If you run your first marathon, you get so much energy from the crowd cheering around you. This will certainly sure you will not run a bad marathon.
  13. Keep a photo record.Especially if you are not fully happy with the current weight, this is a very effective motivator. Check pictures from the beginning and make pictures during the process… Bad pictures help you to remember. Nowadays easy to keep track of your body, by making selfies for example!
  14. Long-term Happiness VS Short term Pleasure. Everybody recognized this, long term happiness requires sacrifices. In this case, change the favorable unhealthy habits, which often is: laying down with a nice big sack of your favorite chips into running a few miles! The thing is, eating that nice bag of chips won’t make you feel good afterward. But running a few miles will give you that pleasure you like to enjoy much longer!
  15. Wear clothing with reflective colors.After the twilight, when the darkness falls, it can be dangerous to do your exercise. Therefore it is extremely important to wear reflecting colors to make you visible to traffic.
  16. What to eat, what to drink? To keep up your performance, you might need to improve the eating and drinking habits. It’s, of course, your own choice, but it certainly helps you to gradually improve your running time and it comes with the side effect that you will lose weight. It doesn’t mean you should start following a diet, but you certainly need to do some research what food is healthy food for you.
  17. Eat less after your training.Many people are having difficulties in eating immediately after training. This allows you to train at the same time more and eat less if you decide to train before your dinner. The perfect combination loses weight without having to diet.
  18. Make use of an Activity tracker or Heart rate monitor device.Currently, a lot of fancy heart rate monitors or step calculators are on the market. The most famous one to measure such data is the Fitbit. This device calculates, for example, the number of steps walked, your heart rate, the quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness. It might be a good idea to have a heart rate monitor to keep your heart rate under control.
  19. Join a running club. It's a good idea to join a running club, especially if you consider yourself a beginner. This helps, because of the group pressure. Walking or running with others might give you that extra energy you need. You will find that you often walk or run longer than when you run on your own. If you only run and systematically in a running club, you will be more motivated than if you just walk each time. 
  20. Enjoy the process!Talk about it and think about it. Fantasize the great feeling you will feel when you reached the goal! 

Take action now and check out the best Marathon training plan for you below:


Nowadays, since we are communicating via computer, smartphones, tablets, etc, handwriting, in general, is not a very common practice as it used to be. Especially in China, since they introduced the Pinyin system, it became instantly less popular to use handwriting for common daily life activities.

For those who are learning Chinese, and wonder if nowadays it's necessary to use handwriting to obtain your HSK exam, we like to clarify the possibilities.

If you only recognize the Chinese characters, and you cannot write them yourself, then it is still possible to successfully obtain your HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 and HSK4 certificate.

There are 2 ways to pass HSK 4 (and HSK 1, HSK 2 and HSK 3):

1) You pick the computer based HSK exam, which requires you to type in the Chinese characters only via the computer keyboard. This is the way you are used to writing the characters. This is the best option.

2) You take the paper HSK exam that requires handwriting.

Out of those 4 HSK levels, HSK 4 is most difficult. I will go in detail for HSK 4 how to pass:

HSK starts with a writing section, which you need to re-arranging sentences. This means those characters are already there. If you can draw strokes, you can basically finish with little writing ability.

Finally, you are confronted with 5 questions which require you to write the Chinese character based on a picture. This one is difficult for you. Therefore we recommend to practice current exams and learn to write those characters. You should be able to write around a set of 100 characters to pass for this part flawlessly. If you are really good in HSK 4, you might consider skipping the last 5 writing questions…

The maximum score for this test is 300 with 180 required to pass. The last writing sections account for 100 points each.

To obtain HSK 5 and HSK 6 the extra tasks might be too difficult to obtain the certificate without any handwriting.

Eager to learn more...

Find here the test exams HSK Official Test Examsand other suitable learning materials.
Also we provide special Chinese Language Survival Kits for all HSK levels!


How to start learning Chinese?
The Chinese language is what they call a tonal language since people use 4 different tones. However it has a well-defined set of characters, it has a simple grammar system and it has no conjugation. In general, mastering 1.000 characters is enough for handling yourself in daily situations, both in and out of a professional context.

To compare with another widely spoken language: English, which uses the 26-letters Latin alphabet, the Chinese language has no alphabet. However, it uses a set of 214 strokes (or radicals), which make it possible to find a word in a dictionary, and to write the characters.

The pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese is helped by pinyin, which is a way to write Chinese using Latin characters. It is possible to start speaking Chinese immediately, thanks to this system. Mandarin Chinese cannot be confused with Cantonese Chinese, which is considered a different language is spoken in mostly southern China (Hong Kong, Guangdong)

The HSK Survival Packages

This HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, 汉语 水平 考试) words list is the name for the international Chinese standard test to check how well someone has mastered the Chinese language correctly. It is also known as the "Chinese TOEFL". We are providing you the following tools to progress from beginner to master in HSK and Chinese language:

- HSK Vocabularies with all HSK Chinese characters, Pinyin, English explanation

- HSK Flashcards

- HSK Official Test Exam(s)

- HSK Practicing example sentences

- HSK Pinyin Pronunciation

- HSK Chinese Character Radicals explained

- HSK Checklist

- HSK Registration form

HSK Vocabularies with all HSK Chinese characters, Pinyin, English explanation

This HSK Chinese characters list is a complete vocabulary of all the words you need to master and is of the most important learning tools to learn the language, such as the radicals, characters, and words. It’s very important to study the right vocabulary!

HSK Flashcards

One highly efficient method to learn a new language is by using Flashcards. We provide flashcards for each character.

HSK Official Test Exam(s)

One or more official test exams aims to help to better understand the question types and general format for the HSK test.

HSK Practicing example sentences
A very easy to use practicing tool to in order to put the words in perspective, by getting to know easy to use sentences made out of other HSK words will enable you to improve your reading skills.

HSK Pinyin Pronunciation
This HSK Pinyin pronunciation chart will explain to you how to pronounce the Pinyin Chinese characters.

HSK List Of All Chinese Radicals
This template explores all Chinese radicals and explains their meaning.

HSK Checklist
The basic steps to follow to start doing your exam.

HSK Registration form
The standard registration form you need to fill in once you start with HSK.

Facts and statistics about Mandarin Chinese

  • Over one billion people speak standard Mandarin Chinese worldwide (Putonghua)
  • 4 tones apply to all or part of the syllables
  • 214 strokes make up Chinese characters
  • 400 syllables are enough to pronounce the words
  • Over 1.000 characters are necessary to speak fluently
  • Over 5.000 characters are necessary to understand 100%

Try out our online free and premium educational learning templates now!

In China they are already started to count down for Chinese New Year. This famous festival is also known as Spring Festival, and is the most important traditional holiday in China.

When Is Chinese New Year in 2017?

The coming Chinese New Year is on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 (to Wednesday February 15th, 2017).

What is the zodiac sign for Chinese New Year 2017?

This year's animal zodiac sign is the Rooster ( 雞 / 鸡 (酉))
The Rooster is associated with the Earthly Branch:
Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Metal.

Most Important Dates of Chinese New Year in 2017:

  • Chinese New Year's Eve: the day of family reunions
  • Chinese calendar: 除夕 Chúxī /choo-sshee or 'getting-rid-of evening'
  • Chinese New Year's Day: the day of (close) family visits and New Year greetings
  • Chinese calendar: 初一 Chūyī or choo-ee or 'first 1'

How long is Chinese New Year Holiday?

The Official Holiday is  7 Days. However, for most Chinese, thisfestival will be longer than official dates. Due to the fact that Chinese people are a hard working group of people, they cherish this holiday so much since they have free time to spend with their family and loved-ones. Since the population in China is also the largest in the world (1,376,049,000 estimated in 2015), this requires a lot of logistic issues in the country. Due to these issues, often people leave earlier and/or start later, which might extend the official Chinese new year with 1 or 2 extra weeks.

Why is Chinese New Year on these dates?

According to the Chinese New Year in Beijing Hutong. Similar to Christmas or New Year celebrations in other countries. The dates are different for each year according to the Gregorian (internationally-used) calendar, but it was always celebrated between January 21th and February 20th. Chinese New Year was set to overlap with the resting time just before a new cycle of farm work begins, as a time of preparation.

Chinese New Year printable templates

Find below some templates related to the Chinese New Year Spring festival theme:

Chinese New Year overview 1930 to 2030
A good way to keep track of Chinese New Year is to find an overview that provides the festival/holiday dates for each year. Find here a free calendar template that provides insight in all the previous and future Chinese New Years from 1930 to 2030 to come: http://www.allbusinesstemplates.com/template/OM7FD/

Chinese New Year Poster Year Of The Rooster 2017
Are you born in the year of the rooster? What characteristics have people born in the year of the rooster? Download this free poster about Chinese zodiac animal Rooster and the persons' characteristics now!

Lucky Money Red Envelope Chinese New Year 2017
This lucky money red envelope template has a Chinese design with and is suitable for Chinese gifts during New Year in China. This is a free Chinese lucky money envelope template, which you can download for free.


Yourstartup is growing fast and suddenly you need to come up with a lot of formal documents, such as HR contracts, employee worksheets, balance sheets, introduction presentations, financial updates, business plans, investor term sheets, etc. But you don’t want to spend hours in crafting those documents that actually already exist. Paying a lawyer to write them from scratch would also put pressure on your budget. You and your team want to spend time and money on that what really matters to your company. The smartest way in this scenario is to start looking for business templates that will help you instantly.

Below 5 business template website focused on solving this challenge for start-up and SME companies.


1. AllBusinessTemplates.com

An online platform containing over 1,000 free & premium templates. Easy to download and buy with no strings attached. This website is build to deliver. Easy to use the navigation to find the templates or documents you need. Search, click, buy ( if not for free)  and download in just 3 clicks. In just a few steps you get what you need. Many document formats available: Word, Excel, PPT and PDF. Most of the documents are for free and the premiums are priced very fair. Especially if you compare it with the time you would need to do it yourself or your lawyer) to spend on it! The templates are very professional and easy to customize to your needs.


2. Biztree.com

An offline software appliance that integrates into your Microsoft Office application. The big advantage is that you can customize the documents on your PC. It contains over 1.800 business templates in Microsoft Word and Excel format. Runs on Windows and Mac. The biggest disadvantage is that it is very pricey is you are just a start-up: It starts from 199.95 USD for 2 users and ends up at 899,95 USD for 5 users with multi-language support. Also, there is a yearly fee attached of 79 USD a year. So depending on the amount of documents you need this is or is not a solution.

3. pandadoc.com

Pandadoc offers a lot of tools for automating your contracts, proposals, quotes and more. It fully integrates with a lot of online CRM solutions like Salesforce, Pipedrive and SugarCRM. Therefore you are able to streamline contact creation, reduce time spent on redlining and you even can sign and store documents online. Pandadoc has hundreds of fully customizable templates available. Pandadoc starts at 19 USD a month per user but if you need access to an unlimited amount of templates, you will be paying 39 USD a month per user.

4. entrepreneur.com

Entrpreneur.com has an online form application called “Formnet”.  They have a nice collection of well-designed business templates. This application is actually a Seamlessdoc integration. You can register for free. You can fill in the template and Seamlessdoc will send a converted pdf document to your email address. It actually feels more than a form generator application then a template editor. But still a great solution.


5. bplans.com

This website has some great solutions if you need to write more advanced business plans including detailed financial overviews. Want to show your VC’s that you are in control of your company? Then Bplans can help you to deliver the plans and reports you need. Their business plan templates are really helpful. They provide a lot of tools online to help you to write documents the way they should be. Sadly enough not for free. Pricing starts at 11.66 USD a month.


Hope this gives you the answer that you are looking for. Please make use of it, consider the time you have as valuable and don’t waste it on crafting documents that are already crafted by specialists before!


Good luck.