Yourstartup is growing fast and suddenly you need to come up with a lot of formal documents, such as HR contracts, employee worksheets, balance sheets, introduction presentations, financial updates, business plans, investor term sheets, etc. But you don’t want to spend hours in crafting those documents that actually already exist. Paying a lawyer to write them from scratch would also put pressure on your budget. You and your team want to spend time and money on that what really matters to your company. The smartest way in this scenario is to start looking for business templates that will help you instantly.

Below 5 business template website focused on solving this challenge for start-up and SME companies.


1. AllBusinessTemplates.com

An online platform containing over 1,000 free & premium templates. Easy to download and buy with no strings attached. This website is build to deliver. Easy to use the navigation to find the templates or documents you need. Search, click, buy ( if not for free)  and download in just 3 clicks. In just a few steps you get what you need. Many document formats available: Word, Excel, PPT and PDF. Most of the documents are for free and the premiums are priced very fair. Especially if you compare it with the time you would need to do it yourself or your lawyer) to spend on it! The templates are very professional and easy to customize to your needs.


2. Biztree.com

An offline software appliance that integrates into your Microsoft Office application. The big advantage is that you can customize the documents on your PC. It contains over 1.800 business templates in Microsoft Word and Excel format. Runs on Windows and Mac. The biggest disadvantage is that it is very pricey is you are just a start-up: It starts from 199.95 USD for 2 users and ends up at 899,95 USD for 5 users with multi-language support. Also, there is a yearly fee attached of 79 USD a year. So depending on the amount of documents you need this is or is not a solution.

3. pandadoc.com

Pandadoc offers a lot of tools for automating your contracts, proposals, quotes and more. It fully integrates with a lot of online CRM solutions like Salesforce, Pipedrive and SugarCRM. Therefore you are able to streamline contact creation, reduce time spent on redlining and you even can sign and store documents online. Pandadoc has hundreds of fully customizable templates available. Pandadoc starts at 19 USD a month per user but if you need access to an unlimited amount of templates, you will be paying 39 USD a month per user.

4. entrepreneur.com

Entrpreneur.com has an online form application called “Formnet”.  They have a nice collection of well-designed business templates. This application is actually a Seamlessdoc integration. You can register for free. You can fill in the template and Seamlessdoc will send a converted pdf document to your email address. It actually feels more than a form generator application then a template editor. But still a great solution.


5. bplans.com

This website has some great solutions if you need to write more advanced business plans including detailed financial overviews. Want to show your VC’s that you are in control of your company? Then Bplans can help you to deliver the plans and reports you need. Their business plan templates are really helpful. They provide a lot of tools online to help you to write documents the way they should be. Sadly enough not for free. Pricing starts at 11.66 USD a month.


Hope this gives you the answer that you are looking for. Please make use of it, consider the time you have as valuable and don’t waste it on crafting documents that are already crafted by specialists before!


Good luck.